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We install tile in all of these areas:

Kitchen Backsplashes - Kitchen Floors - Entry Way - Mud Room - Laundry Room - Bathrooms - Basement Floor

We are also experts at: Custom Building of Shower Pans/Shower Floors - Outdoor tile installations - Repairs

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Kitchen Backsplash

Backsplash tiles protect walls from the splattering of oil and food particles.

Another main advantage of a kitchen backsplash is that it makes the area more attractive.

A well-chosen or beautifully designed backsplash can instantly update the look of your kitchen.

A kitchen definitely doesn't need to be plain and boring. A backsplash is actually just a small area,

so even if the tile you really want to use is a little more expensive you will get great value from it.

Kitchen Floor - Entry Way - Mud Room - Laundry Room

No matter how well your kitchen flooring functions, you still want it to look good.

Tile is the ideal choice because it is available in an extensive variety of colors, textures and

styles to suit any decor and every need. Your dream kitchen begins with a beautiful, reliable Tile floor.

Tile is stain resistant, scratch resistant, water resistant and easy to clean.

Tile is free of harmful pollutants, providing a healthy space for your family to make and enjoy meals.


Maintaining a healthy environment in your bathroom is important for the well being of your loved ones.

This area, which is optimized for our personal hygiene and health, should be as clean and hygienic as possible.

The biggest concern for areas that tend to be exposed to high amounts of moisture, such as bathrooms,

is bacteria growth. Tile surfaces discourage bacteria, as well as mold and mildew growth. Tile also offers

greater stain resistance and scratch resistance than other materials. Dents and scrapes often seen in other

materials (another entryway for water) aren’t the same danger for tile floors, even after years of heavy traffic.

With ceramic tile, you will be able to enjoy a bathroom that sparkles and looks brand new for many

years to come. Tile has the functionality to be installed on all your bathroom surfaces:

floor, walls, shower walls, backsplash, shower floor, insets and surround, and even the shower ceiling.

Tile has one of the longest lifespans of any material option. Tile is the go-to for bathroom surfaces

because of its high moisture resistance. Tile’s unlimited potential for color, shape, and pattern combinations

means the options for your bathroom are truly endless.

Basement Floor

If you live in the Chicagoland area or the surrounding suburbs and you are considering flooring for your

basement, it is unquestionable in our opinion that you should only use tile. Porcelain and ceramic tile does

not get water damaged when installed correctly. It’s also very easy to clean.

Wood look tile floors look great in any basement!

Custom Building of Shower Pans / Shower Floors

The shower floor is arguably the most important part when tiling a bathroom. It’s important because it’s the

main line of defense against shower leaks, so it’s good to have exprts like us who have been building water

tight shower pans for many years. Tiling the shower floor offers a near infinite number of options when it

comes to size, color, materials and shape! We highly recommend using small format tiles like 2 x 2’s and

3 x 3’s or sheeted mosaic tiles. Once grouted this provides more traction and will maintain a proper slope to

the drain. You can use Larger tiles if you’d like but it would require a specialty drain and or cuts in the tile

to help pitch to the drain. We like to use solid surface material on the top of any shower curb/step because it

will make the step the most water tight.


The fireplace is the focal center of the living room. It needs to be equally tough and beautiful. The surround is

the front facing part of the fireplace and is the most visible. The hearth is the horizontal surface below and in

front of the fireplace. Tiling these areas is a necessity if the rest of your room has carpet or wood floors. These

areas need to be durable enough to protects the area in front of the fireplace which might be subjected to sparks,

embers, and other debris while also lookin beautiful. Tile is the best option for your fireplace!

Heated Floors

The bathroom was originally designed to be purely functional but it is now an important place to relax and unwind. Installing floor heating will add luxury

when you want to pamper yourself and take the chill off tiles on a cold morning. Heated bathroom floors not only make your bathroom more comfortable

and appealing, but they also contribute to more efficient heating. This space is a personal sanctuary that sets the tone for both the beginning and end of

your day. You can also install tile floor heating on entryways and basement floors. We exclusively use Nuheat products. They are the absolute best!

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