Our home town in Italy

       Mola Di Bari

The Beginning

        Nino Buonsante started working with stone at the age of 10 with his father in a small town in Italy called Mola Di Bari. He continued his apprenticeship till the age of 17 when he traveled to Germany to find work to support his family. After working for two years in Germany. He returned to Italy to complete his mandatory Army service for 2 years. Following his service he began to work for a contracting company installing various applications of tile and stone. Nearly three years later at the age of 24 he was able to work for himself. For six years he owned and operated his own tile contracting business. With dreams of going to America he decided to travel there for work. He worked at a meat packing company while trying to find work as a tile setter. Four months later he returned to Italy and got married. Shortly after his marriage he returned to the United States to find work doing what he did best, unfortunately it was still hard for him to get a job in his trade. All he could find was a job as a candy maker for Brach’s Candy. During his time at Brach’s he came in contact with a company that was able to give him some work on the side. He worked two Jobs for two years before starting his own tile company in 1976.  Due to his extensive knowledge he started opening peoples eyes to the art of fine Italian craftsmanship. Little by little he was in demand due to his skills and his background. He started being recommended by the likes of Ann Sacks, Hispanic Designe, Old World Tile and other companies in the Merchandise Mart. As far as Tile setters go in the city of Chicago this is a man that has done and seen it all. Just like his father did to him, he started teaching his sons the art and craft of tiling so they could carry on the great tradition and long line of tile setters who carry the Buonsante name.

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      Just as Nino’s father taught him when he was young. He began teaching his first son Tony at a young age. After taking him to work on weekends and summers he noticed Tony really had a knack  for symmetry and perfection. At the age of 20 Tony started working full time with his father so he could continue to learn the wealth of knowledge that Nino had to give. He added the knowledge and techniques he learned to his already meticulous attention to detail. He developed a knack for accessing job circumstances and applying the absolute correct techniques for any situation. Tony has been asked to be a consultant on jobs where things went wrong. He has also been asked to consult on projects before they get started. 

         Nino was not done yet when it came to spreading his great knowledge. Enter his youngest son, Vito. Following an almost identical path to his brother Tony. He also worked on weekends and summers with his dad and brother.  While getting a barrage of knowledge from two master tile setters at the same time. He quickly learned what it takes and the techniques necessary to complete the hardest jobs in the industry. Adding his own touch and organizational skills he continues to find ways to make jobs run smoother and more efficiently.

          In the end your looking at a full service, tile and stone installation company that  has an extraordinary wealth of knowledge and experience for now and many years into the future.            

The Future

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